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Psychological Counseling, Evaluations & Academic Tutoring ~Tallahassee, FL

Psychological Counseling, Evaluations & Academic Tutoring ~Tallahassee, FL

Psychological Counseling, Evaluations & Academic Tutoring ~Tallahassee, FLPsychological Counseling, Evaluations & Academic Tutoring ~Tallahassee, FL

~ About Our Practice ~

Informed by 20+ years experience in private practice, schools, hospitals, child welfare, and as university trainers, we incorporate a collaborative and integrated model of care for children, adults, and families.  Using a strengths-based approach, we work closely with clients to enhance day-to-day functioning and overall success.  Our goal is to increase the likelihood clients will meet their personal goals and improve their relationships.  In a private and comforting environment in Tallahassee, we work with our clients to address many issues that may be disrupting one's ability to live optimally.  We use empirically-supported assessment methods and interventions to provide the highest quality care to our clients and their families.  We also provide full psychoeducational evaluations to address learning strengths and deficits.  Call or email for more information.  


Our Focus

Our focus is to work with individuals and families to provide quality assessment and interventions with the goal of helping clients identify strengths, heal from past experiences, and/or experience growth and a personal sense of accomplishment with a customized treatment plan .


Our Promise

We believe that children, adolescents, adults, and families can experience behavioral change, insight, healing, and growth.  We will work closely with you to maximize your personal growth.

~ Our Services ~

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling


Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that children and adults can experience.  In children these may result in unwanted behaviors and physical complaints.  Likewise, symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances can foster hopelessness and fear. Through counseling and treatment, clients can begin to grieve and heal.  We work with children and adults to address a wide variety of distressing symptoms.


Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling


We offer full-battery psychological evaluations for children,adolescents, and adults.  Common requests include evaluations for giftedness, learning disabilities, ADHD, behavioral functioning, social-emotional well-being, and adoption/parenting.  Results are explained in detail with attention to providing real-world recommendations for intervention supports.  We collaborate with healthcare providers and schools when appropriate to complete comprehensive evaluations.

Parenting Support

Individual Counseling

Parenting Support


Working with a psychologist can help strengthen emotional connection, decrease parenting stress, improve children's behavior and overall family functioning.  We value the role of family relationships when working with our clients.  We work collaboratively with you to provide support, improve family functioning, and foster a family's ongoing growth and development.   

Group Counseling

Success/Academic Coaching

Parenting Support


Groups provide clients with opportunities to gain additional social support from others who share similar experiences or concerns.  Skill-building groups can increase client's sense of autonomy and success in classrooms, the workplace, and our community.

Stress Management

Success/Academic Coaching

Success/Academic Coaching


Today's world is stressful and balancing one's emotions and the demands of this fast-paced world can be challenging.  Relaxation training and cognitive-behavioral strategies can effectively increase one's sense of fortitude.  Psychologists work with you to better manage your stress.

Success/Academic Coaching

Success/Academic Coaching

Success/Academic Coaching


Well-adjusted individuals also sometimes want supportive coaches to motivate, problem-solve, and increase their efficiency and productivity, within the workplace and/or school environment.  For children we offer academic tutoring to improve learning outcomes and provide stress-free homework support.  For adults we provide executive coaching to foster ongoing professional and personal development.

~ About Us ~



Angela Canto, Ph.D.,  Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Canto is passionate about fostering behavior change within a supportive and empathetic environment to promote healing and growth for individuals and families.


School Psychologists

Marguerite Overstreet, Ed.S., Licensed School Psychologist

Katie Allison, Ed. S., NCSP, Licensed School Psychologist

Ms. Overstreet and Ms. Allison are dedicated to helping children and families by providing exceptional evaluations, behavioral interventions, counseling, and collaborative consultation to promote academic, behavioral, and social-emotional well-being for our community's youth.

Behavior specialist

Behavior Specialist

Stacy Haine, LMHC, BCABA 


Ms. Haine is enthusiastic about facilitating change for families, adults, and children through cognitive and strengths-based counseling, behavioral interventions, education and coaching. She provides an understanding and supportive environment to promote positive growth. She has worked extensively with individuals with a variety of challenges and difficulties. 


Academic Tutoring

Tutors are available for a wide variety of academic subjects.

Kindergarten through college

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